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5 Things Brides Forget On Their Wedding Day

5 things brides forget on their wedding dayThings tend to get really hectic in the week or two leading up to your wedding. We get it! There is so much on your mind and a plethora of things you are trying to remember. Today we are listing 5 things that brides forget on their wedding day. It’s not intentional, but with everything else on their minds, these things seem to slip through the cracks. If you don’t want to forget these things, we suggest enlisting someone who’s job it is to remind you.


Top 5 Things Brides Forget on their Wedding Day

1. Bring the wedding bands to your getting ready location

Before you start calling us crazy, hear me out. We know that almost every planning book says to give the best man the rings to hold before the ceremony. But that’s actually not ideal for your detail pictures! If your best man does end up with the rings though, don’t stress. It’s not the end of the world. We can still get some ring shots during the reception. You just won’t have as much variety, it won’t be as styled and there will be less natural light than if we have the rings while you’re getting ready earlier in the day.


2. If you are going to be on grass at any point, get heel stoppers

Trust us on this, you want heel stoppers if you’re going to be on grass. The last thing you want is for your precious heels to be sinking into the grass as you walk. Even if your ceremony and receptions sites are on a solid surface, you may want portraits out in a field, in a park, or under a gorgeous tree (really anywhere where there is grass). In fact, we would say there is a high probability that you will be stepping on grass at some point on your wedding day. For this reason, we recommend having a pair of flats on hand or some heel stoppers.

*This tip isn’t just for you. Remind your bridesmaids and family members that will be in portraits too.


3. Have your bouquet delivered to you, not your ceremony sight

Admittedly this one is so easy to forget! If you do forget and your bouquet gets delivered to your ceremony sight, that’s ok. But, if you can remember to have it delivered to your getting ready location, that’s fantastic! You’ll be able to have detail shots with your florals. 🙂 We love taking detail shots with the florals. In fact, a bonus would be to ask for your florist to drop off some extra flower stems with your bouquet too. Your bouquet will also be able to make an appearance in your bridesmaids portraits then. And don’t forget to have the boutonnières delivered to you too if you can get them to the guys before their portraits!


4. Try sitting in your dress before you leave your getting ready location

You might think this sounds weird, but believe me, you’ll want to do this. If your dress can be adjusted, make sure your dress isn’t too tight when you sit before you leave your getting ready location. If your dress is tied too tight, you may find it difficult to breathe when you sit down. If it’s really too tight, you may not even be able to sit down at all. So make sure that you can sit beforehand and adjust the dress if possible.


5. You can’t see little imperfections in photos

Alright, we saved the big one for last. Remember, tiny imperfections don’t show up in your portraits. If you have a little dirt on your dress or there is a little loose thread, it’s ok. Really! Of course we understand that you want everything to be perfect as you’re going down the aisle. But if something happens and you have a little imperfection, don’t worry! You’re going to look amazing and your photos will be beautiful.


Bonus: Enjoy your day!

This may sound obvious, but so many brides end up feeling so stressed they miss out on enjoying themselves. Stop every now and then throughout your wedding day and take in what’s happening. Trust your awesome wedding vendors to handle the details and just focus on celebrating your love with all of your favorite people!!


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