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5 Things That Might Ruin Your Wedding Photos

Bride with blush and cream bouquetSeeing your wedding photo gallery link pop up in your inbox is such a great feeling. It’s wonderful to look through your photos and re-live your special day. While talented photographers can definitely work their magic, there are some things that make their job harder. Without realizing you it, you could potentially set your awesome photographer up to not be able to capture your day fully as you envisioned it. Today we are sharing some surprising things that might ruin your wedding photos.

5 Surprising things that might ruin your wedding photos

1. An unrealistic timeline

The timeline is what sets the tone for the perfect wedding more than anything else. A rushed timeline, not allowing enough time for portraits, family photos, etc. will almost guarantee parts of your day not getting photographed. Or at the least the experience or photos will not be what you were hoping for. You need time to feel relaxed and settled in before you get in front of the camera. Start your hair and makeup way earlier than you think you need to. This is especially true if you have a lot of bridesmaids. And talk to your photographer to create a timeline that works to capture everything you want.


2. Phones and electronic devices

By now it’s really no great surprise that phone and other electric devices are often culprits of ruining professional photos. and (maybe instead of saying 5 surprising things that might ruin your wedding photos, we should say 4 and one well-known thing). But it’s still worth listing because it’s such a big issue. Device-free ceremonies have been growing in popularity. Doing this helps to ensure that devices don’t end up in a shot. Also, people will be more present during your ceremony, and not experiencing it through their screens. You can announce your device-free wishes on your wedding website, on signage at your ceremony site, and even ask your officiant to make an announcement at the start of the ceremony.


3. Dark wedding cakes and cocktails

Dark hues are popular (especially in the colder months). Those black, dark purple and midnight blue cakes look incredible. So do the dark-hued signature drinks. But those dark liquids and icing stains teeth so beware! This is true after a few glasses of red wine too. That’s not to say you can’t have these at your wedding. We just recommend holding off on indulging in these dark treats until after your photos are over. Or, at least make sure you have time to brush your teeth quickly. While you’re in the bathroom checking your pearly whites in the mirror, we also suggest making sure the inner rim of your lips aren’t stained too.


4. Too many players on the field

It stands to reason that the more photographers you have, the better your wedding day coverage is, right? We want to dispute that idea though. There definitely is such a thing as too many photographers and videographers. So, while it is sweet of your cousin to offer to also take photos at your wedding with his nice camera, this isn’t a great idea. In fact, many professional photographers have clauses in their contracts that don’t allow this at all. The same can also be true with adding videographers into the mix.

Why is that? Because you will have too many people trying to get that “it” shot and inevitably someone will block the shot or plant themselves in the background. When photographers and videographers are both covering a wedding, drama can also ensue with each of them vying for the best position. This can easily result in no one getting a good shot of an important event (how sad would that be!).

Now, there is a caveat to this though. If you want multiple photographers, videographers, or both, we highly recommend hiring a team that offers both services. Or at the very least vendors who have worked together in the past. By doing this, you can ensure that all of your content vendors know how to work well together instead of getting in each others’ way.


5. You

We mean this with the very best intentions and don’t want to sound harsh. But please take this to heart. If you are so caught up in everything being perfect. If you are worried throughout the day about your dad’s tie being off-center, your mother-in-law’s dress showing a little too much, and where your band is setting up, and on and on, it will show in your photos. So when your day finally comes, trust in all vendors you have hired and enjoy your day after all the hard work you did leading up to it. Be in the moment and really enjoy the experience. Acknowledge the love and support from all those around you on your big day and let that love and joy fill your smile.


To prepare yourself for your wedding portraits you can read our blog post on how to look good in your photos.

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