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Hello hello! I’m Bethany, Austin wedding photographer, and lead photographer at Daniel and Bethany. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

Austin Wedding Photographer

I’m a happy wife to Daniel, blissful mom to Oliver, proud dog mom to two of the cutest fur babies in the world (perhaps I’m biased though), hot beverage fan, and deep lover of Jesus and people. On most days you can find me sipping on coffee or tea in my huge 24oz. mug. (I don’t play around when it comes to my hot drinks). One or both of my fur babies at my feet will be at my feet, while I work on my computer (photo editing, writing, or graphic design work).

I could tell you a story about how I’ve always wanted to be a photographer and that snapping photos has been a lifetime passion of mine, but that’s simply not true. In fact, I didn’t know I wanted to be a photographer until life practically pushed me towards it.

I dreamed of being a vet as a kid. I thought my life was over and that my future was hopeless at the age of nine when my allergy test revealed that I was allergic to practically any animal that moved and had hair. (I was prone to a touch of the dramatics).

My love for animals evolved into a love for people and a desire to serve them as I grew up. I studied music therapy in college and started practicing. But those dreams soon started to crumble before me. So, I picked myself up by my bootstraps and set my sights towards getting into graduate school for occupational therapy. Long story short, I ended up giving up my seat at graduate school and following Daniel to Los Angeles. After Oliver was born, we decided to make Austin our home and continue to make our dreams come true as an Austin wedding photographer.

During my time of wallowing in self-pity that my life plans didn’t pan out exactly like I wanted them to, I started getting into editing photos that Daniel was taking and developing graphic design skills. I discovered that I loved the creative outlet that photo editing and graphic design provided. But still had this desire to serve and love on people that I felt was not being fulfilled.

Throughout this time, Daniel had been encouraging me to pick up the camera. To start taking an interest in taking pictures myself. He’s the one that helped me realize that photography is such a great way to serve and love people. I’m thrilled that my job allows us to be a part of couples lives (sometimes short-term and sometimes they become long time friendships), celebrating one of their most joyous moments, and capturing those memories for them to cherish and share for years to come.


A Few Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Hot Beverages – I love hot drinks (coffee or tea). When I sit down to get work done, the first thing I do is make myself coffee in my 24oz. mug (this way when Daniel questions how much coffee I’ve consumed, I can honestly tell him I’ve just had “a cup of coffee”😉) or a pot of tea.
  2. Books – I have always loved reading. Fiction, textbooks, non-fiction, news, medical journals… it doesn’t really matter, I love them all. True story: when I was a teenager, my punishment while being grounded, was to have my books taken away instead of being banned from TV/computer like my siblings 🤓
  3. Fun Facts – I can’t really explain it, but gosh, I just love a good fun fact. My head is full of random bits of knowledge. I’ve been known to start a sentence off with “Fun fact…” or “Did you know…”. Speaking of fun facts… Did you know that many penguin species are monogamous and will breed with the same mate season after season?
  4. Family Time – Family is so important to me. Having moved around a lot throughout my life, I’ve learned to never take family for granted and to cherish it. As much as I enjoy going out and doing things, I really love just sitting in a living room talking (about both trivial matters and deep conversations).
  5. Traveling – I love traveling and everything about it. I love exploring new placing, experiencing different cultures and witnessing God’s handiwork throughout the world. I get a thrill planning our trips (and when we don’t have a trip on the calendar, you can be sure that I’m browsing flight costs and exploring Pinterest, dreaming up our next destination). Even the actual act of traveling is fun for me; road trips, flying, train (I don’t even mind sitting in the airport).


You Might Not Know…

  1. My family was missionaries growing up and I lived in Belgium for 10 years and South Africa for 7 years.
  2. I have lived in 3 countries and 7 states, visited 23 countries and 29 states, and have called 20 houses/apartment “home”
  3. Penguins are my favorite animal
  4. I love Harry Potter and am a proud Hufflepuff
  5. I have two food allergies: dark chocolate and eggplant (random, I know)


Some Favorites

  1. Tom Ford Shanghai Lily – This is my favorite perfume and if a scent could be described as “pretty” this is it for sure
  2. Quesadillas – Seriously! I could probably eat a chicken quesadilla every day and not tire of it. In fact, I did almost that throughout my pregnancy.
  3. Ted Baker – I can’t walk past a Ted Baker store without at least checking out the window display and trying to convince Daniel that we should go in. He has the prettiest clothes.
  4. MacBook Pro – I would seriously be lost without my MacBook Pro. I love working on it.
  5. Candles – I love candles, especially Anthropology candles. When I really want to focus and knock some work out, I’ll light a candle on my desk and turn on some instrumental music. It gets me in the zone almost immediately.

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