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Key Takeaway from Austin Wedding Planner, Blue Sparrow Events

Today’s guest post is so good that I don’t want to spoil it by using a bunch of my own words. All I will say is that All I can say is that Mia Mineghino, Lead Planner + Coordinator with Blue Sparrow Events wrote an incredible post on our blog. While all the tips that our awesome guest writers and we share on our blog are helpful, what Vanna and Mia have to say is really important. I urge you to take their words to heart. So without further ado, let’s get into their post!

Austin Wedding Planner, Blue Sparrow Events
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Important Message from Blue Sparrow Events

For most of us, weddings only come around once in a lifetime. So, you look at this “BIG” day as the sole opportunity to profess your love, gratitude, and joy whilst celebrating with your closest friends and family who have most likely traveled far and wide to support you and your loved one…..No pressure. As a wedding planner who has been around the block a time or two, there is one thing I need you to do right now…


To all my couples out there beginning their planning journey, I need you to take a step back, close your computers, put down your phones, and grab hold of your soon to be forever partner. THIS is what it’s all about. That love you feel will last longer than a single day. That love you feel will be celebrated on your wedding day, of course, but also every other day, and every moment after that, until forever. And that, my friends, is what it’s all about. 


Over the decade’s, our social platforms (not pointing any fingers buttttt, hello Pinterest and IG!) have transformed the wedding “scene.” Albeit incredible resources, these media outlets seem to put a tremendous amount of pressure on couples and families alike in an era of “pics or it didn’t happen” and “FOMO”. I am ALL about my Pinterest boards and Instagram stalking- really anything that gets the creative juices flowing, and inspiration a knockin’- however, as you navigate through wedding planning, you must always circle back to the core of what’s brought you here in the first place – LOVE!

As soon as you begin to feel an ounce of pressure, jealousy, and/or comparison looking at those dreamy pics from that #goals wedding -Shut. It. Down. Seriously. Take a step away from your computer, and re-focus your priorities. Your wedding planning journey and the wedding day itself should be about the two of you beginning your life together, and that’s it. Plain and simple. Don’t get carried away by the minutiae. Don’t become overwhelmed by the tons of information the internet spits out at you. Don’t let your friends and family dictate what your day should look like, or how you should be feeling. Don’t let your wedding become a stressor when its main purpose is the exact opposite. 

Too often I hear about brides breaking down in tears the weeks approaching their wedding. They are fighting with their spouse, arguing with their mom, yelling at their siblings. Simply put, they are overcome by the process, when in reality they should be overcome with joy, and to that, I say two very important things. Get your pen and paper ready: 

Prioritize your marriage, not your wedding

Your wedding is just a day, just a moment in time. When you compare that to a lifetime of marriage, that should quickly put things into perspective. Make your relationship a priority, and all of the other fun details will follow suit. This leads us directly to our second piece of advice…

Hire a planner

I know it may seem a little bias coming from my mouth, but it’s seriously the best investment you can make as a couple when it comes to planning your wedding, and getting a healthy start to your marriage. By hiring a planner you can have your dream day – cue all the Pinterest boards and saved posts on Instagram – but also truly enjoy the process, and focus on what’s most important. This is because your wedding planner is your go-between, your middle-man, and able to give you perspective on what’s important and where you can pull back.

When your fiance isn’t swooning over the color palette and design of your wedding, it’s okay, because we’ll be right there with you jumping up and down over how gorgeous it’s all going to be. Not only do we provide reassurance on the decisions you’re making (likely decisions you’ve never had to make before), but we also help guide you throughout the process, allowing you to focus more time on your relationship and having fun during this exciting time.

The moral of the story is this: If we strip a wedding down to its bare bones, the only thing we have left is love. So, let’s celebrate that, and let your planner take care of the rest (;

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Mia Mineghino

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