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Bridal Details to Make Sure Get Photographed

bridal details to make sure get photographed

When it comes to planning, you put a lot of thought into even the smallest details. The time and money you spent on all those details deserve to make it into your wedding photography gallery. Today we are sharing bridal details to make sure get photographed on your wedding day.

So how do you make sure your bridal details get photographed? First, we suggest making sure that your photographer receives a list of all of the special details that you want to be photographed before the wedding day. That way, he or she, knows to get photos of those items. (We send all of our couples a pre-wedding day questionnaire 90 days before the wedding that prompts a list of these bridal details). Second, we highly recommend preparing a box with all of your bridal details before your photographer shows up. This way it is all in one place for your photographer to find and it is easier to make sure nothing is forgotten.

10 Bridal details to make sure get photographed

1. Your Dress

This one seems pretty obvious, but it is possible for your photographer to forget to capture a picture of your dress on the hanger if it is tucked away. Have your dress prepped and fluffed to that it is ready to be the star in photos on its own.

Also, if you are wearing a separate dress for the reception or the exit, let your photographer know and have that out for photos too!

2. Dress Hanger

Perhaps you haven’t given a dress hanger much thought. While your dress likely will come with a hanger, it isn’t going to be a very pretty one. You may want to consider buying a pretty hanger for your dress to hang on for the photos. You can find bridal hangers on Etsy. BHLDN also sells some really beautiful hangers. Again, make sure to have the hanger either with your dress or in the box of details.

Some brides have hangers for their bridesmaids too.

3. Something Borrowed, Blue, Old and New

These are so often forgotten when it comes to getting photos of the bridal details. We believe it is really important to make sure that these details are photographed. Why? Because the something borrowed and old are often very special items.

4. Perfume

This is another detail you might not have thought about having photographed. Many brides choose a special perfume for their wedding day. We believe that even the scent that you choose for your wedding deserves to be captured.


Your veil, headpiece, or hair accessories shouldn’t be forgotten. Make sure that they are included in your box of bridal details so that your photographer can incorporate them in your detail photos.

6. Shoes

Let’s be honest, your wedding shoes are probably more than just functional. In fact, you are likely buying new shoes just for your wedding day. Some of our favorite shoes are from Manolo Blahnik and Bella Belle.

7. Vow Book

Are you writing your own vows? If so, you may want to keep them beautifully written in a vow book. You can find some really pretty vow books on Etsy that you can customize.

8. Rings

Rings seem pretty obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. Make sure that you have a ring box or some way to safely store your ring when it is not on your finger or actively being photographed. If you want a pretty ring box to store your ring or have photographed, The Mrs. Box has beautiful velvet boxes.

9. Bouquet

Many brides want detail photos of their bridal bouquet. We totally understand that! To make sure that is possible, you will need to coordinate with your florist to make sure that your bouquet delivery is made with enough time before the ceremony to get those photos taken.

10. Sentimental Items

Other details you may want to have photographed are those sentimental items that you are incorporating in your wedding. We’ve had brides with heirloom handkerchiefs, little pendants with ashes from loved ones, charms added to the ribbon of their bouquet and other sentimental items.

These are just a few ideas of bridal details you may want to make sure get photographed. Check out our post for ideas on how to personalize your wedding ceremony.

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