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Choosing Your Wedding Date

Choosing a wedding date

You might be feeling a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing your wedding date. Some couples know exactly what date they want to get married on. Others don’t know what season they want to get married in, let alone what date they should set. If you are one of the latter couples, that’s ok! Today we are talking about what you should consider when choosing your wedding date.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Date

1. Family Considerations

This isn’t the most fun thing to consider, but it is important. Things you should keep in mind and possibly work around are family illnesses or aging grandparents. More positive family considerations include pregnancies, graduations, and other weddings. These events impact your options when choosing your wedding date.

That being said, there is always going to be something going on in other people’s lives. So while it is good to consider other events, just try considering key guests and not everyone or you may never land on a date that works.

2. Meaningful Dates

A good place to start is to think about any meaningful dates you may have. Wedding dates that are based off of special events can be a beautiful not to your history. Ideas for special dates can be when you first met, had your first kiss or any other anniversary. Any holidays that you are really fond of can be fun to set your wedding date around. You can then incorporate festive elements of your favorite holiday into your wedding celebration. Really you can’t go wrong with choosing a wedding date that has significance in your relationship. 🙂

3. Prioritizing Dream Vendors

Ok, this point is really important if you have any dream wedding vendors you want to work with. There is serious disappointment when a date is set in stone only for a couple to realize their favorite vendor is already booked. If you have your heart set on a specific vendor, a photographer, videographer, or planner, consider choosing your wedding date around their availability.

You can let vendor availability dictate your date by just speaking candidly with them. Inquire and just be open about how much you would love to have them be a part of your wedding day. Let them know that you are willing to work with their availability. Don’t be too vague though, at least have a specific month or season in mind already.

If you would love to have us capture your wedding day, we would love to hear from you! Contact us and we would be thrilled to talk with you about how we can serve you during this exciting time in your life!

4. Your Ideal Weather

Have you always dreamed of a spring wedding with blooming trees? Or in love with the idea of colorful autumn leaves? Or do you think that snow is dreamy and romantic? Consider choosing your wedding date based on the type of weather you would love to have.

Also be sure to consider landscaping. What do you envision your venue looking like? What type of weather would you love for your wedding portraits? When you are considering weather, be sure to do your homework. Research average weather patterns and do also keep your guests’ comfort in mind.

5. Tourism in Popular Destinations

Perhaps you live in a high tourist area or you want a destination wedding. Be mindful of tourism when you are choosing your wedding date that might be during a time that is busier than normal. Busy seasons can make travel more difficult. Also, high tourist traffic may make it more difficult to get quality photos without people in the background of your portraits.

6. Be Flexible

Flexibility can be a big blessing when choosing your wedding date. You may have a date in mind that you want, but if a vendor isn’t available or there are other family conflicts, it definitely helps to have an open and flexible mindset.

Final Thoughts

There are so many reasons that we advocate hiring a wedding planner. Having help with choosing your wedding date is one of those reasons. Seasoned planners can foresee issues with traffic, weather, cost and more. While it is definitely a good idea to have a set date when contacting most (if not all of your vendors), planners (and venues) and an exception to that rule. They will be such a great asset to you!

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