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Father-Daughter Dance Song Ideas

When it comes to wedding planning there are so many small aspects that might start to feel overwhelming. The details on your to-do list start to pile up. And then you have to find songs for all of the special reception events. Today we are sharing some father-daughter dance songs to help you find just the right song for you and your dad.

20 Father-Daughter Dance Song Ideas

Forever Now – Michael Bublé

Oh man. This one is a tear-jerker. Daniel and I don’t even have a daughter and Oliver is not even a year old yet. But this song made us both shed a few tears. The lyrics are so sweet and they are so perfect for a father-daughter dance. Forever Now is a new song too so it won’t be overplayed and feel cliché in the slightest.

I’ll say that if this song was released ten years ago when we got married, this would have most definitely been my father-daughter dance song. Also, Michael Bublé is my favorite singer; so there is that too.


Daddy’s Little Girl – The Shires

This song is only a few years old. For all those daddy’s girls out there, this song may be for you. The sentiment is so sweet and may just be the perfect representation of your relationship.


My Little Girl – Tim McGraw

This one is another tear-jerker. Don’t be surprised if your dad starts to gets teary-eyed when he hears this song.


Daddy’s Little Girl – Al Martino

Not be confused with The Shire’s song. This Daddy’s Little Girl by Al Martino is an oldie, but a goodie. This song is a waltz so if your dad has two left feet this can go one of two ways. The waltz beat could help him with his rhythm or it could throw him completely off. If you are both decent dancers though and want to do more than sway back and forth on the dance floor, than a waltz may be perfect for you.

Gracie – Ben Folds

This is a different vibe and will not be for everyone. It is cute though and your dad may absolutely love this song. The lyrics are so sweet and seem to be the thoughts of many dads beautifully expressed in song.


Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

This is one of my favorite songs. Stevie Wonder wrote this song for his own daughter. It’s such a fun, upbeat song that is perfect for a father-daughter dance.


Sweet Pea – Amos Lee

We love this cute little tune. If you want a fun song that is more upbeat, this is a great song choice.


I’ll Be There – Jackson 5

If you’re like me and call your dad for, well, pretty much anything. Then this classic is a great song for you and your dad on your wedding day.


Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel) – Billy Joel

Any other Billy Joel fans in the house? Or at least grown up with your parents listening to his music? This could be a great song option if your dad likes Billy Joel.


Your Joy – Chrisette Michelle

The lyrics for this song is everything I feel about my dad but didn’t know how to put into words. If you want your father-daughter dance to be a sweet message for your dad, this is a beautiful choice.


Unforgettable – Nat King Cole

You can’t go wrong with this classic. A song like this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman

This was actually my father-daughter song so it has a special place in my heart. That being said, I think this is a beautiful song choice.


Father Daughter Dance – Craig Cardiff

The lyrics to this song are so sweet. This song may just be everything that your dad wants to express to you.


You Can Let Go – Crystal Shawanda

Here is another great song if you want your song with a message. This very well may be another tear-jerker for you, your dad and even on-lookers.


It Won’t Be Like This for Long – Darius Rucker

This song may just get the waterworks flowing. The lyrics are so sweet and express how quickly time has passed by (which is likely just what your dad is feeling).


Walk With You – Edwin McCain

This song is beautiful. I love that this song looks towards the future, not just the past.


Your Song – Elton John

You really can’t go wrong with Elton John. This is such a sweet song that everyone will recognize. My favorite line? “How wonderful life is, now that you’re in the world”. Seriously, how precious is that?!


Tough Little Boys – Gary Allen

Are you looking for a good country song for your father-daughter dance? This one is a great song choice. Even if you aren’t really into country music, this ballad is so sweet.


Daddy Dance with Me – Krystal Keith

This is such a beautiful song. The lyrics are a great way to express your love to your dad.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Owl City

This song is so fun and different. While it’s not your usual father-daughter dance song, I think that it could be the perfect song choice for the bride who’s dad is her hero.


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