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Fun at the Orange County Fair 2018

Last week we decided to check out the Orange County Fair. We had heard so much about it in years past. Since we now live in Orange County, we decided this year was a great time to check it out. To add to the fun, we invited my (Bethany) brother and sister-in-law to join us. We love having a little piece of family with us on the West Coast and try to hang out with them as often as possible.

Since we are not fans of large crowds. So we weren’t too sure that we would enjoy the fair as we were sure that it would be packed with people. We were so wrong though! Maybe it was because we went on the opening weekend, but it wasn’t overly crowded at all. The fairgrounds are huge and it didn’t feel like there were a whole lot of people. The lines weren’t very long and we were easily able to do everything we wanted to.

Going in, we each had something that we wanted to do and we were able to do it all. I wanted to see the animals. We were able to walk through and see all of the farm animals. The sheep, cows, and turkeys were really fun to look at. I especially loved seeing the chicks and piglets. We were even able to watch the All-Alaskan racing pigs (my first pig race). Hearing the story of how this breed of pigs used to be an endangered species and now no longer are was awesome too. The pigs were probably my favorite part of the entire evening at the fair.

Daniel wanted to play some fair games. We spent a fair amount of time observing several different games while Daniel and my brother strategized the best approach to each game and what the statistics of winning were. While the guys were nerding out, I was happy just to watch and enjoy the sights and sounds. Daniel did end up winning a couple of games and one a really cute penguin plushy for me. 🙂

My brother wanted to ride rides. While I couldn’t ride, being pregnant, it was still a lot of fun to watch them spin around and enjoy themselves. I was able to join them on the ferris wheel though. It was so cool to rise up high above the fair and see all the beautiful lights.

Lastly, my sister-in-law wanted to eat good food (let’s be honest, we all did) and ride the ski lift that went over the entire fairground. The ski lift was another favorite of mine. I loved riding over the entire fair getting to see all that the fair had to offer. There are so many brightly colored rides, fantastic smelling food stands, and other fun attractions that we probably wouldn’t have even known were at the fair had we not seen them from our high vantage point.

Overall, the night was a great success and I’m looking forward to next year when we can bring our baby to enjoy the Orange County Fair too.

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