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How Bridesmaids Can Impact the Bridal-Prep

Bride and bridesmaids on wedding day morningAs you are looking for wedding vendors, I’m sure you’ve heard that they can “make or break” your wedding experience. While this can definitely be true and we highly recommend booking vendors you really like and can work well with. But, today we want to talk about other people. Your bridesmaids. That’s right. Your bridesmaids can really make or break you day. More specifically, we want to talk about how bridesmaids can impact the bridal-prep.

Think about it. Your bridesmaids can make the day run behind. They can be your photographer’s best friends or be a lot to handle. They determine the attitude of the morning. Your girls impact so many parts of your wedding day. But today we want to focus on how they impact the getting-ready portion of the day. We want to keep this positive by sharing some tips for how your bridesmaids can make the bridal-prep amazing and result in some beautiful images.

6 Tips for how bridesmaids can impact the bridal-prep

Always allow MORE time than you think for bridesmaid’s hair and makeup

Seriously, hair and makeup always take longer than you think. Especially if one (or more) of your girls decides she doesn’t like how her hair or makeup is done and needs changes made. This is often the biggest culprit for the wedding prep timeline falling behind. Make sure to provide plenty of buffer time.


Be ready for the “robe” shot

Many brides love to get that photo with all the girls in their robes (or whatever other matching outfit they have). If this is something you want, make sure that all of your bridesmaids know. When your hair/makeup is getting close to the end, your girls should all be gathering in the location the photographer has decided on. Don’t let your bridesmaids wander off or start getting dressed until after this photo is taken. If they aren’t prepared for this photo, time will end up getting spent trying to find everyone and making sure everyone has their robes on.


It’s time to change after the “robe” shot

Not everyone has been in a wedding party before so it’s understandable that someone may not know when it’s time to get dressed. After the robe shot is taken is when you (the bride) will get your finishing touches done on hair and makeup. During this time is when the bridesmaids should be getting into their dresses.


Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride should be dressed and ready when it’s time for you to step into your dress

By the time your hair and makeup are done, all your girls (including your mother) should be dressed and ready. They will be helping you into your dress and be there for those iconic photos.


Only 2-3 bridesmaids will actually be able to help you get into your dress

Realistically only 2-3 people will be able to actually help you into your dress. So decide ahead of time who you want those people to be. That being said, all your other girls can surround you, be in the photos, and still be a part of the process. We don’t want to leave anyone out!


Bridesmaids don’t have to be perfect when you get into your dress

This one is another big one. If a bridesmaid’s hair isn’t perfect, jewelry is missing, or they don’t have their shoes on, that’s ok. As long as they are in their dresses, it’s more important to keep the timeline on track. No one will notice little imperfections in the bride’s dress pictures. But it will be noticeable if the timeline falls behind!


This day is most definitely special because you are marrying the love of your life. But it’s also special because you get to celebrate with the girls you love the most. Remember to have fun and enjoy this time together. Take it all in and don’t worry about the little things. 🙂


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