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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Color Palette

As you start reaching out to vendors you may find the same question being asked over and over again. “What is your wedding color palette?” The answer will dictate the flowers your florist will use. It will influence the color of your cake. Help with picking out the color of your linens, your bridesmaids dresses, the suits, and even some special guest (such as parents) attire. If you aren’t sure about how to decide this, not to worry. Today we are talking about how to create the perfect wedding color palette for you.

Wedding Color Palette

5 Steps for How to Create Your Perfect Wedding Color Palette

1. Get inspired

Everything is inspired by something. Your wedding color palette is going to be the same. No matter what you dream up, chances are your color palette dreams have already been curated by someone else before you. It’s just a matter of finding it and making it your own. So go out and be inspired!

Not sure where to start? Why not look at paintings and photos. These artists have already done most of the work for you! All you need to do is find a painting or photo that speaks to you. Something that just resonates deeply or sparks unspeakable joy. It doesn’t need to be wedding related. It can be anything from a renaissance painting to street art or a garden scene.

Don’t forget that your wedding is supposed to reflect you as a couple. So be sure to bring your partner in on the inspiration process. You should both find that one image or art piece that speaks to both of you.

2. Keep your venue in mind

Alright, now that you are inspired, consider your venue. What does your venue look like? Is it mostly neutral? An art museum? Lots of blank space or open light? Think about the colors that are already at your venue. Are the colors of your venue reflected in your inspiration image? If you were to place your inspiration piece in your venue, would it complement the space?

3. Aim for timeless

You might be tempted to run wild with all the current wedding trends. But before you jump on the Pantone Color of the Year bandwagon, stop to think about it. Is this a color that you truly like? Is it a color that you have always liked? If the answer is yes, than you will probably still be in love with your color palette for years to come. But if the answer is no, we suggest using discretion. It would be a shame to look back on your wedding photos down the road and wonder what you were thinking.

Are you starting to think that this is a lot of thought and time for selecting colors for just one day? Just remember that your photos are going to be forever. You are going to be hanging your wedding photos on your wall, sharing them on social media, and creating an album for your coffee table. These photos are going to be the only wedding photos you have for the rest of your life. So while it may feel trivial, be mindful that this is actually an important choice that you’re making. You want to go with a color palette that is timeless and that you will love forever.

4. Use the formula

Yes, there is a formula to create the perfect wedding color palette. And here it is:

How to create the perfect wedding color palette
Neutral color + Light color + Medium color + Dark color = The Perfect Color Palette

The perfect color palette includes at least one neutral color, light color, medium color and dark color each. Once you have one of each to establish your base palette, you can start to add one or tow more colors if you would like.

You can take your inspiration image and select a color for each part of the formula. Instead of just looking at the colors, look at the shades. Get specific with the colors. Remember that with your colors, your light doesn’t actually have to be super light and your dark doesn’t need to be super dark. It just needs to be the lightest and darkest shade in your palette. Your medium color is simply going to be the most saturated color.

With your light, medium and dark shades selected. All you have to do now is choose a neutral color. This should be pretty easy since neutrals literally go with anything. But if you’re blanking, you can go with black, white, beige, grey, nude, champagne, gold or sliver. And there you have it! Your wedding color palette!

5. One final review

Alright! Now before you go running with your new wedding color palette, it’s worth reviewing it one final time. Take a few days to look at it. Do you love it? Does your partner like it? Can you picture your wedding in these colors? Great!

Final Thoughts

Remember to be thoughtful with your color palette when applying it to your wedding. Defer to your vendors’ advice. The bolder, more saturated medium colors should be used sparingly. Let the majority of your wedding be in your neutral and light or dark colors.

There you have it! Now you are ready to answer your vendor confidently with your own color palette. 🙂

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