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How to Look Good in Photos

How to look good in your photosYou’ve seen those beautiful wedding and engagement photos where the couple looks incredible. Their poses look effortless, they look at ease. They don’t seem to be concerned in the slightest with flabby arms, a double chin, or a hunched back. You don’t have to be a model to know how to look good in your photos. Having a professional photographer that can help pose you and having a few tricks in your own back pocket is what all you need to rock a photography session. Today we are giving you a few of those tips so that you can feel confident that the camera is capturing you at your best.

10 Tips for how to look good in your photos

Watch your posture

Posture is really important when it comes to looking good in your photos. Try to be conscious about keeping your back straight, head up, and shoulders back. The best tip we can give you to helping with great posture is to pinch your shoulder blades together and remember to keep your shoulders down.

With a good photographer, you can be confident that they will help correct your posture during portraits. However, you won’t get that advantage during other times of the day. You will want to be especially wary of your posture during your ceremony. If you aren’t aware of your posture then, you may look back at your photos and feel critical of the hunch back that you seem to have. On that note, you may also want to brief your wedding party on good posture as well so that they aren’t slouching in the photos either.

All of this may sound easy enough, but in the heat of the moment, it is so easy to forget. Try getting in the habit of having good posture well before your wedding day or engagement session so that you have some muscle memory helping you out.


Don’t lock your joints

We just mentioned that your posture is important. But don’t overdo it. The key to looking good in your photos is to be natural. So allow your body to move the way it naturally does, just don’t slouch. A good rule of thumb is if a joint bends, bend it. Try bending your elbows, wrists, and fingers slightly so that you look softer and more realistic.


Try to stay relaxed

It’s totally understandable that you will start to feel tired when you pose for a lot of photos. But try your best not to let it show in your photos. Take a moment between poses to shake out stiffening joints, relax your face and take a sip of water. Also, genuine smiles will always look the best. Keep laughing throughout your session so that you stay relaxed and natural-looking.

Pro tip: Worried that your eyes or smiles will look strained when you are looking directly at the camera? Keep your face relaxed and your eyes closed and have your photographer count to three. On three open your eyes and smile and your photographer will snap the photo right after the count of three.


Know your good side

Faces are not symmetrical and many people believe that one side looks better than the other. If you do have a preferred side, let your photographer know. If you don’t know what your good side is, have someone take a few photos of you from both sides. Be sure to do this with the same lighting and background so that you can compare easily.


Forget the spray tan

It can be tempting to want to get a spray tan for your wedding. I mean, you don’t want to look “pasty”. But spray tans can look unrealistic (even orangy at times) in photos. This is especially true if you’re not naturally tan.

Coming from someone who is ghostly pale, I’m an advocate for loving the skin you’re in. You are beautiful without a tan. But if you really want a golden glow, we recommend testing your spray tan two months before your engagement session or wedding. This way you can decide if you like how it looks or not. If you don’t like it, there is time to allow the tan to fade.


Get your hair, makeup and nails professionally done

Most experts agree that your wedding day is not the day to take control of your beauty situation no matter how much you love your own hair and makeup. This is the time to leave it to the pros. When it comes to your engagement session, we also highly recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done. In fact, we think that it is the perfect time for a trial run.

Makeup looks quite different on camera than in person. Some brides think they are wearing too much makeup (especially if they don’t normally wear a lot of makeup), but realize that it looks flawless once they look at their photos. Also, your hair and makeup artist will know how to make your look last all day long.

Your hands will also get photographed a lot. Especially as your photographer goes for those detail shots of your ring. Having your nails professionally done will make you feel more confident with showing your hands off and they tie everything together in a flawless bow.


Focus on each other

These photos are about you. Their purpose is to capture your love for each other at this special moment in your lives. Don’t worry about the camera and stay focused on the love of your life. This is especially a great tip for those that are shy or really don’t like being in front of the camera.

Have fun and be yourself

Again, this is all about you. Having your photos taken should be fun and you shouldn’t feel unnatural or like you are putting on a persona. Let your personalities shine! Be goofy, laugh, and don’t worry about being clumsy or looking funny. How you feel about your photos after the fact will largely have to do with how you felt while having the photos taken. If you were uncomfortable or stiff, you will likely feel like you look uncomfortable. But if you were having a good time, showing off and celebrating your love for each other, that is much more likely what you will remember and see when you are looking at your photos.


Tell your photographer about any insecurities

Are you insecure about anything? Perhaps you worry about having a double chin. Or you don’t like how your stomach looks when you sit down. Perhaps you’re worried about your hair looking messed up or your makeup smearing. If your photographer is made aware of these things, he or she can be more vigilant in looking out for them so that you can look and feel your best.


Trust your photographer

You hired your photographer for a reason. Trust the professionals to capture you in all of your beauty and joy. Let them worry about the lighting, posing, background. Compatibility is so important when it comes to hiring your photographer. If you like and are comfortable with your photographer than you are much more likely to trust them to pose and capture you in a flattering way.

Just enjoy yourself and be with the one you love.


Now that you are prepared with tips for how to look good in your photos, you can read about the wedding day shot list.


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