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How to Set Wedding Vendors Up For Success

wedding reception place settingThe best weddings are planned and executed by the best vendors. You will want a team of wedding vendors that are trustworthy, experienced and that get along with you and each other. But even the best vendors may not be able to pull off your wedding day like you envisioned if you unknowingly set them up for disappointment. The best way you can set your wedding up for success is to set your wedding vendors up for success. Today we are sharing some tips to do that.

6 Tips To Set Wedding Vendors Up For Success

Be a good communicator

Speaking up is so important, especially if something isn’t going as you’d hoped. Part of the service that your wedding vendors are providing is to make sure that you are happy with the plans. Even the best of wedding vendors aren’t actually mind readers though. If you don’t speak up when you aren’t happy, they won’t know. And if they don’t know that you aren’t happy, they won’t be able to fix the problem. Also, communicating what you do and don’t like helps your vendors to make plans that are even more amazing than you had hoped for.


Assemble a dream team

Your best wedding vendor team is going to be the one where all the vendors work well together. One of the greatest advantages of having a wedding planner is that they know many vendors. Because of this, your wedding planner will know how to assemble a team of wedding vendors that all work well together. Also take vendor recommendations for other vendors. Often wedding vendors will recommend other vendors that they have worked well with before. When you get a team of vendors that are all working together, the planning leading up to the wedding is much easier and even the overall feel of the wedding day will be better.


Trust your vendors

Understandably your wedding day is YOUR day and you want it to be perfect. A lot of trust is needed for your working relationship with your vendors. You are trusting them to make your vision come to life. But as tempting as it is to helicopter over your vendors, it’s important to take the time to acknowledge their expertise. Let them know that you trust them and their expert opinion. Give them the room they need so that they can create something over and above what you could have ever imagined.


Be flexible

Inspiration is good. Wedding vendors want to know what direction you want your wedding to go in. But being too specific could leave no room for creativity and may even lock your vendors into a certain style. This also allows space for your vendors to surprise you in special ways. Although being flexible may be difficult, knowing that you can trust your wedding vendors will make it much easier. Also, things can sometimes take an unexpected turn. That’s just life. Being flexible when hiccups occur will make your whole wedding planning and wedding day experience so much better.


Start with a realistic budget

Budgets are a big discussion. In fact, we will soon be dedicating an entire blog post to wedding budgets. But to keep it succinct in this post, we’ll just say, to set a realistic budget. This will set your wedding vendors up for success. Having a number in mind for each vendor and sharing it with them is important so they know what perimeters they are working within. Being open about your budget will also help your vendors guide you to your best options available to you.


Take care of your vendors

Don’t forget to take care of your wedding vendors on your wedding day. This includes making sure they get a hot meal at meal time and regular breaks to get a bite to eat and drink water. Also make sure that all of your vendors have a place to put all of their stuff throughout the wedding. When you ensure that your wedding vendors feel really taken care of, they will take good care of you.


To learn more about working with wedding vendors, read our post to learn when revising wedding vendor contracts is necessary.

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