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We're Daniel and Bethany. Husband and wife photographers and cinematographers based in Southern California. We hope you will sit down with some coffee and enjoy viewing our latest work and catching a glimpse of our lives and adventures!

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Hiya! As we get this ball (aka our photography business) rolling, we want to make sure we start off on the right foot. Loving and serving people well is our top priority and in order to do that we want to focus on building relationships with you, our client (or friend/family of our client for that matter too). We want to get to know you, hear your story, and celebrate life with you (and take some great photos while we’re at it)!

Just like any good first meet-up (or online meet as it were), a synopsis of our backstory is in order. We want you to know us as a couple, but also as individuals so we’ll be posting a little series that will introduce us to you. Today’s intro is a short and sweet introduction to our little family and how we got here.

We’re Daniel and Bethany. We’re best friends and college sweethearts. Our journeys started on different continents (Africa and South America to be precise) and brought us together in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where we attended college.

We hit it off on day one and have pretty much been inseparable since then. Back in college, our dreams were focused on getting Daniel into medical school and I (Bethany) was going to be a renowned music therapist. After college, we found ourselves in Orlando, Florida where Daniel went to film school for a second bachelor and a masters degree and I discovered and fell into graphic design.

From there we discovered photography and our new dream of being a husband and wife wedding photography duo was born. Now here we are, ten years of friendship, eight years of marriage, three states, and nine homes later we’re in Los Angeles seeing our dreams come true.

Our first fur baby joined our family our first year of marriage. Chloe is a yellow labrador and is solely responsible for turning us into crazy dog owners that treat their dogs as if they are children. She is so smart, loves to gaze into your eyes, will never pass on an opportunity to get on the couch or bed, and has an affinity to having her butt scratched.

Last year, we added to our family with our second fur baby. Gatsby is quite possibly the cutest English Cream Golden Retriever (we may be biased) you ever did see. Before he came home with us, we didn’t have any idea how perfectly he would fit into our hearts. Gatsby is a mama’s boy, LOVES food, and shows equal affection to all of his toys.

Maybe in the future, there will be little mini me’s, but for now, we’re so happy and thankful for where we are and all that God has entrusted to us.

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