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Requesting RAW Video Footage

Today let’s talk about raw wedding video footage and if you really need or want it. We are asked by couples all the time if raw wedding video footage is included in their package along with their edited video. We can absolutely add raw footage to your package as an add-on. However, we don’t include it as part of our package. Why? Often once couples learn what raw footage actually is, they realize that it isn’t something they actually need.

Raw video footage explained…

Raw footage is the unedited video footage that is taken directly from your wedding videographers camera. It has no color correction. No off camera audio. And is filled with unused footage that never makes it to the edited wedding video. Unlike edited footage that looks and sounds beautiful, raw footage may look dark or even dull compared to the final product and almost never has great audio. The way we shoot weddings, the raw footage is in hundreds of short clips. It’s not something that you will just sit back and watch.

Daniel and Bethany Wedding Videography

How we shoot wedding videos

We shoot weddings in a cinematic style with the edit of your wedding video in mind to tell your story. Because of this, we don’t have a camera sitting somewhere doing a single long take. We shoot in short clips throughout the entire day. Many of these clips can be as short as 5 seconds! Most weddings we shoot have about 800-1000 individual clips.

During weddings, we shoot on a number of professional-grade video cameras. We also have a few different sound sources to ensure the best quality sound. After the wedding, the audio has to be synced with the video in editing software to match everything up. The synced footage is then cut together to show different angles to fully tell the story of your day. Once the video is cut together, it is then color corrected and graded to match our style. Our footage is often shot in flat log profiles on the cameras to give us more latitude to work with color in the editing room. This means that the out-of-the-camera color of our footage is flat and drab looking on purpose so that it can be color graded to create the look we want.

Why we shoot wedding videos the way we do

Multiple cameras are used so that we can capture different angles and perspectives of the same moment to create a compelling and cinematic film. Unlike a film set, we can’t have full control of “the set”. During the ceremony and reception, parts of camera footage from each camera will become temporarily useless. This is because someone inmoves in front of it or into the shot when you don’t want them in it. For this reason, we will cut to footage from the other camera.

While many parts of your wedding day will be shot in very short clips, the ceremony and reception events (such as the cake cutting, first dance, and toasts, will also be shot in longer clips in order to fully capture those moments.

You don’t want raw footage, but do want more than a highlight video

Many of our couples realize that they will likely only watch a highlight video more than just a couple of times. They are happy to have the highlight video to share with all of their family and friends to enjoy too. If you want more of your day in the video, we can offer longer edits as an add-on. With longer edits, we can create a video of your day with the full ceremony and/or full reception events, including dances, toasts, and cake cutting.

You still want raw footage

If you still want raw video footage, that’s great! We are happy to add raw wedding video footage to your package. We will process all your wedding day’s footage and place it in a hard-drive for you to keep and look through at your leisure.


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