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Revising Wedding Vendor Contracts

Love letter on gold hammered tray with purple ribbonAs business owners ourselves, we have taken care to have all aspects of our business properly covered. This includes having a contract that has been reviewed by a lawyer to make sure it is all above board. However, many wedding vendors are small business owners and are operating the best they can with the means they have available. Sometimes this means that their vendor contracts are very basic and may not have everything you need or even have misinformation. It’s rare that you will need to have your wedding vendor contract altered. But it is still good to know when revising wedding vendor contracts is crucial.


4 Times Revising Wedding Vendor Contracts is Necessary


When details are incorrect

Many contracts are templates and some vendors will even simply duplicate contracts from previous clients. Because of this, you may find template placeholders or even wrong information in your contract. Human error does happen sometimes but they do need to be corrected. If you notice wrong details in your contract, request a revision. Details that may be wrong include name, date, location, or even agreements.


When information is missing

Check for missing information. Often times information missing on contracts are the vendor’s name, contact information, and hour of coverage. These are important details that need to be included in the contract. Everything needs to be spelled out clearly so that there is no room for interpretation. If details are not clear or missing, do not sign the contract and request a revision.


When details are listed differently than you’ve been promised

The contract is the final agreement. If you have made agreements verbally, in social media chats, or over email, make sure those agreements are included in the contract. This will ensure that no agreements will be forgotten. If an agreement is not in the contract, ask for a revision. If you have it in writing somewhere than it is helpful to produce the agreement evidence.


When wedding plans change

Sometimes vendor contracts are signed and then wedding plans change after the fact. This isn’t a huge deal, but you do want to make sure that you get an addendum for your contract. Often addendums include added or changed services and hours. You won’t need a whole new contract, a signed addendum will suffice in this instance.


You may wonder what the big deal is or feel like this is overkill. But contracts are legal documents. They are your official agreement of services and what will be referred back to if there are any questions. You want all of this to be completely accurate. This protects both you and your vendors and sets the terms of expectations.

We always recommend very carefully reading any contracts before signing. If you have questions, make sure they are answered fully. And don’t feel bad for asking for revisions when necessary.

Photography and videography contracts will often have copyright clauses in them. You can learn more about it in our post Understanding Photography Copyright.



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