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We're Daniel and Bethany. Husband and wife photographers and cinematographers based in Southern California. We hope you will sit down with some coffee and enjoy viewing our latest work and catching a glimpse of our lives and adventures!

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Meet Daniel: Lead Videographer

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Daniel, lead videographerWhat’s up? I want to take this time to introduce myself and let you get to know me a little better. I’m Daniel, lead videographer, at Daniel & Bethany.

I’m a videographer, avid gamer, master at entertainment business (or so my degree tells me), and Netflix binge watcher. To wind down and de-stress I like to play video games. I also enjoy chilling on the couch with Bethany and our two dogs while watching Netflix. Some of our favorite shows are Master Chef, BBC’s Sherlock, Arrested Development, and pretty much anything by Marvel or D.C. Comics.

I really enjoy photography, but my true passion lies in videography. In fact, an old childhood friend recently reminded me that the first video I made was with him in middle school for a school project. We thought our video was so cool.

As I grew up I forgot about how much I loved being behind the camera and went to college to study pre-med. I was about to go to medical school when I changed my life course and moved to Orlando, Florida to get a second bachelor’s in Film and a Master’s degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. I rediscovered my passion for the camera and videography. One of the first classes that I took in film school was a photography course and I learned that I had a knack for it. I started taking photos and Bethany became interested in photo editing. After school, I got more involved in videography and a job opportunity brought us to Los Angeles.

Over the years I have taught Bethany about photography and we started dreaming about starting our own wedding photography business. With our photography skills and my vast videography skills and knowledge, we are happily building the lives that we have wanted for ourselves. I’m proud of all the hard work we’ve done and where it has gotten us so far. Here’s to all that we’ve achieved and all the dreams and goals we still have to strive for.


A Few Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Fashion – I love style and fashion. I could spend hours looking at designers and fashion influencers online. It makes me happy that Bethany trusts me to help style her too.
  2. Investments – I’ve recently developed an interest in investment and have enjoyed exploring the possibilities. Cryptocurrency has been a main focus of mine and I’ve had fun learning and teaching others about it.
  3. Netflix and Chill – Lazy days where we order food delivery and just watch Netflix all day are the best.
  4. Shopping – This goes hand in hand with fashion and goes beyond that too. I like going to rodeo drive and looking at all the designer items. I also enjoy just walking around Target or exploring farmers’ markets.
  5. My Dogs – If you had told me ten years ago that I would be one of those crazy dog owners that treat their dogs like their children, I would have laughed. Now I’m one of them and I don’t care. My dogs are the best.

You Might Not Know…

  1. I’m Taiwanese, born in Brazil, grew up in Paraguay and moved to the United States for college at the age of 17
  2. I speak multiple languages and am fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and Taiwanese
  3. I’m a Telly Award winner for my cinematography work in a documentary
  4. I’m an avid gamer. In fact, I used to stream my games and had quite a following a few years back when I was playing League of Legends
  5. I was accepted and ready to attend medical school in Boston when I changed my mind and went to Orlando to study film instead

    You can get to know Bethany, lead photographer, HERE

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