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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Theme

One of the first steps in planning your wedding is deciding on a theme. This doesn’t mean that it needs to be completely “themed”, but you still want to have a cohesive overarching look and feel for your wedding. The theme will influence the dress, the venue, the decor, and even the food. Today we are talking about how to go about choosing your wedding theme.

Choosing a wedding theme

5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Theme

1. Stay true to who you are

Your wedding day should reflect your style and relationship as a couple. Use that to your advantage. Highlight the things that are make up who you are. If you’re adventurous, perhaps you want a destination wedding. Or maybe you have always dreamed of a wedding that seems strait out of a storybook. Or you may be more sentimental and traditional.

At the end of they day, the theme you choose for your wedding is up to you. Let it be whatever makes you happy.

2. Think of your favorite things

The easiest way to choose a wedding theme is to think about your favorite things. Think about your favorite setting, weather, colors, and people. Do you love the snow, mountains, and rich tones? Then maybe a winter wedding with a lot of natural elements as decor would be a perfect theme for you. Maybe you love sailing and the water. If so, you may want to consider a beachy wedding theme. Once you start thinking about the things that make you the happiest, a wedding theme will quickly come together.

3. Define your style

When choosing a wedding theme, you should make sure it is in line with your style. Are you traditional? Sporty? Adventurous? A globetrotter? Do you like formal or are you more casual? These are things to consider.

4. Look in your closet

Not sure how to define your style? Take a look in your closet. This is a great way to figure out what your style is. Are your clothes romantic, modern, bohemian, eclectic, outdoors-y, glamorous, or preppy? Chances are good you are going to start noticing a pattern as you take a look at your clothes.

5. Honor a memory

You can use a memory to define your wedding theme. How did you get engaged? What did you do for your first date? What is your favorite memory together?

Did you get engaged in Paris? You may want to have an overarching Paresian wedding theme. Did you meet at a carnival? Perhaps you want to have a whimsical theme with a cotton candy bar, balloons and maybe even a Ferris wheel. Having details that nod to a special memory the two of you share is a fun way to choose a wedding theme.

Once you have a theme chosen, you’ll also need to decide on a color palette. Read our blog post on how to create the perfect wedding color palette.

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