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Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Session

Including your dog in your engagement session

Do you have a fur baby that you want to include in your engagement session? We understand that your sweet pup is part of your family and that you may want to have photos with him or her during this special moment in your life. Including your dog in your engagement session can be a lot fun and make your session more personalized. There can get out of hand when you add an animal into the mix though so today we are sharing tips to make bringing your beloved pet to your session go more smoothly.

4 Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Session

1. Talk to your photographer

It is important for your photographer to know that you are planning on including your dog in your engagement session well in advance. This is definitely not something that you should surprise your photographer with. There are obvious reasons such as making sure that your photographer is not allergic to or comfortable around dogs. But he or she needs to know so that they can be prepared. They will likely go about your engagement session a little differently knowing that a dog is going to be in attendance.

2. Make sure your location(s) are dog-friendly

This may seem like an obvious point, but we want to mention it. It’s necessary to actually confirm that the location(s) your session will be at will allow dogs. You may think it’s safe to assume that going to a beach or a park will not lead to any issues with your fur baby. But even outdoor spaces aren’t all dog friendly. Do your due diligence and make sure by visiting location websites or calling. Also, this is another reason why you will want to let your photographer know you want to bring your dog. He/she may already know animal policies of locations or have location suggestions for you.

3. Bring a friend to help with your dog

We can’t stress this tip enough. While you may want to have your beloved dog in some of your engagement photos, he/she won’t be in all of them. Having someone to take your pup home (or keep him/her entertained) after photos with him/her are done will make things a lot easier.

Your friend can also help keep your pup on a leash in between poses and breaks. Trust us, there is enough you will have on your mind during your engagement session that you don’t want the added stress of keeping up with your fur baby.

We would be remiss to not mention that the person you bring along should be someone your pup is already familiar with and likes. Dogs can go through a lot of emotions during a photo session (from very excited to anxious or shy). Having a familiar person there to support your pup will make you and your fur baby more at ease.

4. Come prepared with doggie essentials

You will likely be thinking about all you want to bring to the engagement session. Perhaps additional outfits and/or props. But in the midst of that, don’t forget what your pup will need. Treats, water, leash, and poop bags are high on that list. You may also be interested in exploring props or accessories for your fur baby too.

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