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Tips for Mailing Wedding Invitations

Tips for mailing wedding invitationsGetting your wedding invitations designed, printed, and addressed makes your wedding day feel so much more real. While it is so exciting to get your beautiful invitation suites mailed off to your eagerly awaiting invitees, there are some things you should know. Like many other wedding-related aspects, there is a certain etiquette expected with wedding invitations. Today we are sharing some tips for mailing wedding invitations so that you are properly prepared.

Wedding invitation tips: 9 things you should know when addressing, assembling, and mailing your wedding invitations.

1. Timing

Your wedding invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before your wedding. This allows your guests adequate time to respond. You want to ensure that you get a reliable headcount a week or two before the big day. To make sure that your invitations are ready to go on time, start getting organized about a month before your desired send-out date.


2. Hiring a Calligrapher

Traditionally invitation addresses are handwritten, but printed calligraphy fonts are becoming more common-place. Decide if you want to go the handwritten route. A professional calligrapher may be worth hiring depending on your handwriting and the level of formality of your wedding. You can ask your wedding planner, stationer for calligrapher recommendations. Other wedding vendors may also have recommendations for you so it doesn’t hurt to ask them too.

Your calligrapher will need to have your envelopes at least two to three weeks before you need them. Some calligraphers may require even more time. The calligrapher will also need a printed guest list. Your guest list needs to have each guest’s full address and social and profession titles (Mr. Miss, Doctor, etc.). Please keep in mind that getting a compilation of your list will take time. You may need to call parents or friends in order to confirm mailing addresses and spelling. Because of this, do not wait until the last minute to get your guest list and addresses started.


3. Your Guests’ Names

The etiquette of addressing and assembling wedding invitations is not as strict as it used to be. But there are still some requirements.

  • Write out guests’ full names on outer envelopes. Avoid using initials or nicknames.
  • Use appropriate socials titles (ex. Mr. and Mrs., Doctor, etc.)
  • Use suffixes


4. Addresses

All of the words in an address should be spelled out on your wedding envelopes. So fully write out “Post Office Box”, “Street”, “Apartment”, etc. This applies to state names as well. Lastly, all numbers smaller than 20 should also be spelled out.


5. Return Addresses

All of the etiquette rules previously listed apply to the return address too. The preferred place for the return address is to print it on the envelope’s back flap.


6. The Envelopes

Traditionally sending wedding invitations in two enveloped is how they are mailed. This ensures that each guest receives a pristine envelope, even if the outer one gets torn or dirtied in the mail. This doesn’t have to be done though. So if you would prefer just having one envelope, that is totally acceptable.

If you do want to have both an outer and inner envelope, you can do that too. The outer envelope includes all of the information the postal service needs for delivery. The inner envelope should have the names of the invited guests in the household. This would include children’s names that don’t appear on the outer envelope.


7. Assembly

Everything on the inside of the outer envelope should be printed in the same method and on coordinating paper. Here’s the order for assembly:

  • The invitation is on the bottom, printed side up. (You can place a sheet of tissue paper over the invitation if you want. This was originally done to prevent smearing)
  • Stack all other inserts on the wedding invitation in order of size (smallest going on top). These inserts may include a map, reception card, and reply card.
  • The reply card should be under its envelope’s flap.
    The return envelope should be preprinted with the mailing address. It should be stamped as well.
  • Insert everything into the inner envelope (or just the outer one) with the print side up.
  • The same rules apply to single-fold invitations that have print on the front.
  • For French or double fold invitations, all enclosures go inside the card.


8. Postage

Many wedding invitation suites weight at least two ounces. This usually exceeds the cost of a first-class stamp. To make sure that you know how much postage is required for your invitations, bring a completed invitation to the post office to have it weighed. Also have a reply card and its envelope weighed on its own. This ensures that you don’t over (or under) pay for postage.

While at the post office, you can ask to see what’s available for stamps. You can also view a wider variety of stamps at If you are hoping for more vintage stamps, you can find beautiful ones at Little Postage House. Lastly, sites such as Minted allow you to customize stamps with the theme of your day or utilize a monogram you’ve chosen.

If you use our Affiliate link for Minted, you can receive 15% off of your order. 🙂


9. Hand-Canceling

When you mail envelopes, they are run through a machine to print bar codes on them. This can result in smudged or damaged envelopes. To prevent this, you can take your invitations to the post office and request that they be hand-canceled. This just means that they will be marking your envelopes by hand, keeping your invitations neat.


For more helpful wedding tips, you can go to our For Brides category on our blog.


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