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Wedding Cake Smash Dos and Don’ts

Wedding cake smash dos and don'tsThe wedding cake smash is a classic tradition. But it is a hot-button issue for some brides and grooms. Some people think that it is fun to smear frosting (gently!) across their new spouse’s mouth and nose. Others are appalled at the thought of getting messy in their wedding day finery. If you are considering it, here are some wedding cake smash dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Wedding Cake Smash Dos and Don’ts

Do: Plan ahead

Before either you go making plans for a grand cake smash, make sure you are both on board. Talk it out and decide if a wedding cake smash is something you would enjoy. If either of you don’t want cake smashed in your face, that desire should be respected. The conversation is over. If you are both okay with a cake smash, discuss some ground rules. As a bride, you may spend a lot of time and money on your makeup, so keep that in mind. If you don’t want your makeup messed up, let your groom know before hand.

Guidelines to discuss include:

  • timing
  • level of mess
  • amount of enthusiasm

If you aren’t sure how far you want to take it, we suggest a playful spot of frosting on the nose. This ensures that clothing, makeup, and dignity is preserved. But will also result in some great pictures.


Don’t: Surprise your spouse

While surprises can be a lot of fun, weddings are not the time for them. A lot of time,  money, and planning goes into every wedding detail. If you haven’t talked about a cake smash, don’t do it on a whim. Your wedding isn’t the day to do something unexpected with your family, friends, and photographers watching your every move.


Do: Tell your photographer your plans

A cake smash is the bound to result in some great pictures. Make sure that your photographer is prepared to capture this fun moment. Let him/her know exactly when you plan to have the cake smash. You (and your children and grandchildren) will be so glad you did!


Don’t: Use a handful of cake

Wedding cakes aren’t cheap. Hours of work often goes into creating intricate details on wedding cakes. Some of these details are edible and some aren’t. For both these reasons you should never just grab a handful of cake and smash it into your new spouse’s face. One, it’s a waste of money. But more importantly, you could hurt your partner if you accidentally grab a decorative piece in your fist full of cake.

If you really want to smash cake into each other’s faces you have two options. One, cut a neat (decoration free) slice of cake to smash from your cake. Or two, you can smash with cupcakes. You can plan this with your baker to make sure that this plan is both yummy and easy to execute.


Do: Be cautious

It may sound silly, but please be cautious! Playfully smashing cake in your new spouse’s face is one thing. But don’t be so energetic that you hurt your spouse or yourself. Broken noses, jammed fingers, and other injuries have occurred during cake smashes. So please, be careful!


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