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What Your Wedding Florist Wished You Knew

Chances are good that you have never planned all the details for a wedding before. It’s understandable that you do not know everything when it comes to booking and working with wedding vendors. We want to help with that! In the coming months we will be featuring different wedding vendors so that they can share some inside knowledge. Today we are sharing about what your wedding florist wished you knew.

Today’s featured vendor is Wild Bunches from Austin, Texas. Annslee Davidson is one of the talented floral designers at Wild Bunches and she is our guest writer. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Austin wedding florist

8 Things Your Wedding Florist Wants You To Know

1. Don’t ghost your vendors!

When planning a wedding, there are lots of different vendors you will be getting in contact with and receiving different quotes from. When it comes to florals, we love to take the time to meet with every couple that inquires with us as well as putting together a floral proposal for them! Every floral proposal is created uniquely to each couple depending on their venue, season they are getting married, wedding colors, and any specific flowers the couple wants to use!

As much as we want every couple to book with us, we also want every couple to choose the florist that fits them best! As you start to book the vendors you want for your wedding, don’t forget to reach out to those you received proposals from just to let them know you have decided to go a different direction!

2. Greenery does not mean it’s a cheaper option

There are so many wedding venues that are naturally beautiful on their own that they don’t necessarily need much to dress it up but adding greenery can bring in that natural vibe to the venue! However, greenery is not cheap. When couples want just greenery to either climb on the walls, tall pillars, or hang from chandeliers then that will require a lot of greenery to make an impact to the ceremony or reception.

3. Let the professionals be the professionals

As a florist located in the wedding capital of Texas, we [Wild Bunches] are at the same venues a lot! We see what looks best at each venue as well as what fills the space best! We want your ideas and to know what you want, but we also want you to trust that we will bring your vision to life. Whether it’s in regards to how to fill your ceremony space the best or to help with your budget. Trust us, because we wouldn’t guide you down the wrong path.

4. Have a backup plan

Even though we want everything to go exactly as planned for your wedding, keep in mind it is always good to have a plan B option. Weather is so unpredictable here in the hill country and that can certainly affect your wedding day. Talk with your vendors about that plan b option! It is so incredibly stressful when it’s two days before your wedding and you find out it will be raining all weekend. Talking about this before hand will keep the stress levels low and give you the confidence you need moving forward with your big day!

5. Flowers have their own natural color

Flowers are fresh with their own unique color, this is not Hobby Lobby. There are so many beautiful wedding styles out there with so many colors and we love seeing all the trends, but when it comes to floral you might not be able to get the exact chianti mauve color from David’s bridal. The great thing about flowers is that we can use a combination of all colors in that same color scheme to create the look you are going for! Be open to what your florist suggest when it comes to colors of flowers and helping you achieve your mauve fantasy wedding!

6. Express your must-haves

Tell me your must haves! If having a boutonniere or corsage for every family member and closest friend is important to you, tell us! If having greenery hang from the chandeliers at your venue is most important, tell us! We want to know your “must have’s” for floral so that if we exceed your budget, we can discuss ideas to cut back in other areas of your design!

7. Share your inspiration

Send us your photos! Before meeting with a florist for an initial quote, send them your inspiration photos or pinterest link! We want to see your style before meeting so that we can start brainstorming a head of time! Personally, I love making notes about the design before speaking with a couple because then I can have questions ready about different types of flowers or make suggestions to help the design really pop! Then, after the wedding, send us more photos!

As a florist, we usually show up before anyone else to start setting up and we leave before the ceremony starts. We don’t get to see the bride walk down the aisle to be with the love of her life. We LOVE those moments! We want to see the beautiful photos of you and your groom looking at each other while the sun hits just right. Even though we don’t stay at the wedding, we are still apart of the magic.

8. Let us help keep you organized

We are organized! For most, this is a couples first wedding so their ideas of what they want are all over the place. That is OK! We are here to help! We are working weddings every weekend and putting together new proposals everyday, so we know the best way to keep you on track! When first meeting with a bride, we take all the ideas from the couples and organize them into a proposal that is easy to read for our clients! We keep your floral organized so you don’t have to!

About Wild Bunches

Wild Bunches is a full-service florist that has been serving the wedding and events industry in the Austin and Hill Country areas since 2007. Their floral designers have a combined experience of 25 years!

Wild Bunches is passionate about enhancing each couple’s individual styles and ideas to exceed expectations. They pride themselves in ensuring that each design is a unique concept.

Follow Wild Bunches on social media!
Instagram: @wbfloral
Facebook: @wildbunches
Pinterest: /wildbunches

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