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What Your Wedding Makeup Artist Wants You to Know | Blush ‘n Bangs

We’re excited to be sharing another guest post! Today our guest writer is Brooke Hampton, a makeup artist and co-owner of Blush ‘n Bangs. Brooke is sharing some tips that your makeup artist wants you to know so that you can get the most out of your wedding day look. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Austin Wedding Makeup Artist

5 Tips from Wedding Makeup Artist Blush ‘n Bangs

1. Don’t get conned by edited photos

In a world of social media and photo editing apps, people are more and more getting false ideas of reality. While artists are completely capable of creating long-lasting beautiful hair and makeup, there are still some things clients need to know about the truth of wedding day beauty.

2. Prep your hair

It’s often said that coming in with dirty hair is the best for styling. However, while this can be true, having hair that’s too dirty can make it harder to style. Hair is much easier to “dirty” using products that will create hold than to try to clean dirty hair while styling. We recommend washing the night before for best results. P.S. there is such a thing as too much dry shampoo!

In addition to coming in with clean hair, we also recommend blow drying after washing. Coming in with wet or unruly hair can affect the outcome of the style.

3. Freshen your powder and lipstick throughout the day

There are lots of long-lasting makeup products and tricks artists can do to make makeup last longer. However, there are many other factors that can make makeup move on a long day. Weather, nerves, etc. Skin lives and makeup on the skin can heat up and move. Because of this, we recommend bringing your own powder and lip to make sure your makeup stays fresh and touched up all night!

4. Care for your skin before your wedding day

The real trick to flawless looking makeup is taking care of your skin. Before your trial and wedding day, get into a skin routine that works for you. Exfoliating twice a week and moisturizing daily goes a long way.

5. Provide reference photos

Providing photos of hair and makeup that are realistic to your hair type, skin type, tone, etc. will ensure that the artist can achieve the look you’re envisioning for yourself. A photo will help the artist pin-point the style you’re going for instead of an explanation. The word “natural” can mean different things to different people and leave room for disconnect.

With those tips, we feel our brides will achieve beautiful results. You know what they say- look good, feel good! We want our brides looking and feeling the best on one of the most special days of their lives.

About Blush ‘n Bangs

Blush ‘n Bangs is an on-location hair and makeup team serving Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. They pride themselves on their ability to creatively collaborate with clients to produce a look that makes them feel beautiful for every occasion. With experience with weddings, special events, runway and editorial work, they are ready to serve you with all of your hair and makeup needs.

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