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When to Wear the Veil

When to wear the veilAre you planning on wearing a veil on your wedding day? If so, you may be thinking that you’ll wear it all day long. But the truth is that veils are a pain to maneuver in and often need constant adjusting or resecuring. As a result, brides can get very annoyed with their veils. To avoid this frustration, we want to talk about when to wear the veil on your wedding day.

When to wear the veil and why.

The best time to wear your veil is right before the ceremony and during your bride and groom portraits. Unless you really want your veil on in all of your photos, we recommend only wearing your veil during the couple’s portraits. You will find it much easier to move around without your veil during the bridal party and family portraits.

If your veil is long, you will also run the risk of it getting stepped on. This makes it even more difficult to maneuver in. If you are doing a first look and don’t want your veil in all of your portraits, we suggest doing the first look without the veil. We love doing the first look without the veil for a few reasons.

Why you should do your first look without your veil.

The first reason is that it’s easier to get to the first look on time if we aren’t fussing with the veil. Holding off on wearing the veil until the ceremony means that your groom will also see something new as you walk down the aisle. (We think there is just something so sweet and special about that). Another reason is that your groom may accidentally tug your veil out of your hair during the first look. This will ruin the moment if you get distracted by the veil. It also reduces the risk of the veil getting wrinkled or damaged before the ceremony. Lastly, you will get two different “looks” if you forego the veil at your first look.

If you don’t want to have a first look, but still want to have portraits both with and without your veil, let your photographer know. You can start your portrait time with the veil and then take it off halfway through.

With all that being said. Please know that we are just sharing our opinion. There is no right or wrong time to wear your veil. If you have an expensive veil and want to wear it all day to get your money’s worth, go for it! Or if you have just always envisioned your wedding day with you in a veil all day, that’s fine! We don’t want to discourage wearing veils. We love veils! Our sole purpose is to inform you of options so that you can make the decisions that are right for you and your wedding.

As you continue to prepare for your wedding day, read our post about why you should do a dress practice.

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