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Who the Bride Gets Ready With

Who the Bride Gets Ready With

The morning of your wedding can really set the tone for your wedding day. For this reason, whoever you invite to get ready with you should keep you cool, calm and collected. No one needs to be there that is going to cause you undue stress or drama. Today we want to talk about who the bride traditionally gets ready with.

Perhaps you are an extravert and you want to be surrounded by all of your favorite people. Or maybe you are an introvert and only want a small selection of people getting ready for you. Whichever personality you have, know that a lot of these people we are listing are essential for a variety of reasons.

7 People The Bride Gets Ready With

Bridal Party

The bridal party is probably obvious for who the bride gets ready with. Part of the fun of getting ready for your wedding is spending the morning with those you have asked to stand by your side. All the members of your bridal party should be invited to spend the pre-wedding hours getting ready with you. This is true if your party is all-female or consists of some bridesmen or a man of honor.

Your bridal party is responsible for organizing the pre-wedding festivities. This includes decorating the space you’re getting ready in, ordering food and drinks, and providing the perfect playlist. On the morning of your wedding is an ideal time to give your maids their thank-you gifts. These could be jewelry, robes or other matchy-matchy outfits to wear while getting ready.

Mother of the Bride

If you are fortunate enough to have your mom with you on your wedding day, she can be an important part of your pre-wedding festivities. Your mom may be busy seeing to last-minute wedding details, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be invited to join you in the morning.

While the morning of your wedding is going to be busy and full of fun, don’t forget to take a few quiet moments to spend some private time with your mom. Your wedding day is an important day for her too and she will appreciate sharing a special moment with you. This will also be a good time to give your mom her thank-you gift if you have one for her.

She will likely want to have her hair and makeup professionally done too. So make sure that she is included as part of your hairstylist and makeup artist’s schedules.

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

Speaking of hair and makeup, you will likely want yours (and possibly your bridal party’s) professionally done. You have two options here. One, you and your party can go to a salon where you will get primped. Or, two, you can have your hairstylist and makeup artist come to your getting-ready location.

While it’s possible to go to a salon, it is definitely more seamless and stress-free to have your hair and makeup done on-site. If your hair and makeup pros are coming to you, make sure that your getting ready space has appropriate lighting and mirrors (or that your hired pros will be bringing that with them).

Photographer (and Videographer)

It’s common practice for wedding photographers and videographers to capture the entire wedding day. In fact, we believe that it takes a minimum of eight hours to fully capture a wedding day. Our photography and videography services start with eight hours of coverage for this reason to document the day from getting ready all the way through to the reception.

For the getting ready portion of the day, your photographer (and videographer) will be taking candids of you having fun with your crew, some photos of the final touchups of hair and makeup, detail shots of bridal accessories, you getting into your dress, etc. (check out our post to discover which bridal details to make sure get photographed). To make sure enough time is allotted for all the photos you want, talk to your photographer (and videographer) ahead of time so (s)he arrives at the right time.

Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner isn’t going to be with you the entire time you’re getting ready. He or she will likely be quite busy with all of the final preparations for the wedding. But he or she will probably be stopping by your suite to check in on you.

It’s your wedding planner’s job to make sure that everything is happening according to schedule. Planners are also often pros at handling little snafus, such as small wardrobe malfunctions. Your bridal party is responsible for bringing an emergency kit to help with potential issues (such as needing safety pins, Tylenol, a stain pen, etc.). But your planner will likely be prepared with his or her own kit to calmly assist you.

Optional: Flower Girl

Your flower girl might enjoy getting ready with you and your party. This will likely depend on her age and personality. You (and the mother of the flower girl) will know best if it will be fun or a disaster.

If your flower girl is going to be joining you (and her mother is not part of the bridal party), you may want to consider inviting the flower girl’s mother to the pre-wedding festivities as well.

Optional: Mother of Your Partner

Your future mother-in-law is an optional invitee for who the bride gets ready with. If you are close to your partner’s mom, you may want to invite her to join you as you get ready. Even if you aren’t particularly close, it is certainly a nice gesture to extend an invitation. She may enjoy being part of the pre-wedding festivities with you and your party. She might also prefer to spend the getting ready time with her own relatives. If that’s the case, don’t be offended.

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