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Why You Should Do a Dress Practice

Bride and Mother doing dress practiceThere are so many things that go into wedding planning. Once you check something off your list, you may not revisit it again until the wedding day. One of those things that often gets checked off and left is the wedding dress. So many brides try on their dress at the shop, again for alterations, and then put it in the closet until the wedding day. Today, we want to talk about why you should do a dress practice.

Some wedding dresses are as easy as simply zipping them up. Others aren’t. Many dresses lace up or have many intricate little buttons and fastenings. These dresses are not as instinctive as you may think. For this reason, we highly recommend practicing getting into and closing up your dress with the person(s) that will be helping you on your wedding day. Become familiar with the process, recognize how tight it needs to be, and how long it will take.

Getting into your wedding dress should be fun and exciting on your wedding day. It shouldn’t be stressful. If you and your helpers are familiar with your dress, you reduce the risk of lacing your dress too loosely or ending up with it off-center.

Another reason why you should do a dress practice is that it helps your timeline. If your helpers are trying to figure out how your dress closes up on your wedding day, the timeline can quickly fall behind. Not to mention if a mistake is made and they have to re-do it. If things still go awry with your dress, don’t worry. We can still make up time later in the day, but if we can avoid that stress, we want to. 🙂

While you are in your dress, you also want to figure out how to bustle it. This just simplifies things after your ceremony as your girls can help you put your dress up and protect your train for the rest of the evening.


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