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Why Does Wedding Videography Cost THAT Much?

Should you hire a wedding videographer? We would answer that with a resounding YES! Having a wedding video that cinematically tells the story of your wedding is so special. It is definitely a big investment though and we understand that not everyone is going to be able to fit it into their budget. Perhaps you are thinking that wedding videography is grossly overpriced. But you aren’t just paying for a final video. There is so much that goes into making a good quality wedding video! Today we are talking about why wedding videography costs that much.

Why Wedding Videography Costs THAT much

7 Elements to Why Wedding Videography Cost That Much

1. Day of wedding service

Making a good wedding video takes more than simply showing up with a camera and filming the day. If you want a cinematic video of your big day there is going to be a lot of work that goes into it. The actual day of the wedding will require strategy and skill. You are largely paying for that expertise.

There is an art to being able to beautifully film a wedding day to tell a story. To capture the feel, sights, sounds, and movement of your special day. The most obvious thing your investment is paying for is the hours and travel expenses of your wedding videographer on your wedding day. Make sure before you book, that you know exactly what the contract says and all that is included in the services you are hiring the videographer for.

2. The video production team

Some videography businesses are solo operations, or maybe have a second videographer with them. But those really impressive wedding videos usually take a whole team. You’ll get multiple videographers, someone to capture audio, and likely an assistant or two as well. All of these people will need to be paid and their pay is going to be included in the investment price quoted to you.

3. Post production

Editing a wedding video is a lot of work. There will be hours and hours of video footage to sort through. Then it will all need to be cut together, have audio added in and will often be set to music too. All of this takes time. Some videographers may even have an editor that they hire to handle the editing process. Whether they do it themselves or have an editor(s), it is time consuming. There will also be multiple rounds of editing to get it perfect. This time and talent is also part of what your investment is covering.

4. Video gear

You probably want your videographer to have the best equipment to capture your wedding day footage. That is totally understandable. High-quality, well-maintained gear is important to make sure that is reliable. On top of making sure their equipment is in excellent condition, professional videographers will also have backup equipment with them just in case the unthinkable happens.With technology changing as fast as it is, your videographer is likely purchasing new gear and getting it updated/fixed quite frequently.

In addition to camera gear, your videographer is probably also providing lighting and sound equipment. Add all of that together and it is clear that a videographer’s cost of operating is quite expensive. This is all before you consider the cost of the equipment and software needed to edit your video! Your videographer costs that much in order to cover these costs.

5. Business needs

Now to consider the business side. Because yes, your wedding videographer is running a business. Administrative costs such as phone, internet, membership for video delivery sites, access to royalty free music, etc. are all costs that your videographer has.

6. Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of almost any business. That is how your videographer is promoting his or her business. Paying for advertisements, listings, website, and more are a variety of ways that your videographer may be marketing.

7. Insurance & Permits

Insurance and permits are other costs that your investment is helping to pay for. Did you know that your wedding venue likely requires that photographers and videographers have liability insurance? They even have to prove to the venue that they are covered.

Professional videographers are also going to have insurance that covers their gear. You want your videographer to have this insurance. It protects you as much as it does them in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Your videographer also may need to pay for permits. This may be so that he or she can fly a drone. Or in order to video in the location that you want for some awesome footage.

Final thoughts for why wedding videography costs that much

It’s important to realize that your videographer is running a business. There are very large costs to running a business that can assure quality service. In addition to all your videographer’s costs of creating your wedding video, remember that this is his or her livelihood and also deserves to make a livable wage. So now you know why wedding videography costs so much! 🙂

If you are interested in our wedding videography services, send us an inquiry. We would love to talk to you about how we can serve you!

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