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Why Wedding Planners Are So Valuable | Bride’s Best Friend

We are really excited about this guest post. If you have been following our blog for a while, you are likely fully aware that we are huge fans of wedding planners and believe that they are so important in creating your dream wedding. Today, owner and planner of Bride’s Best Friend, Cassie Crudo, is explaining why wedding planners are so valuable. So without further ado, let’s get into Cassie’s post!

4 Things Wedding Planners Do For You

Why wedding planners are so valuable
Photo Credit: Tim Waters Weddings

1. Wedding planners plan YOUR wedding

There seems to be a misconception that if you work with a planner, you’ll get a cookie-cutter experience and your wedding will look just like every other wedding. That’s just not true! As a planner, our goal is to bring to life the vision that YOU have and create a wedding that unique to you and your partner. Yes, there may be some flair that accentuates your planner’s style (think of painting styles) but our main goal is to honor you two as a couple and plan a wedding that fits your culture, vision, and personality.

2. We are your advocates

Planners are in a unique position to be one of the only vendors for your wedding to see the big picture. This means that when something comes up in planning or on the wedding day, we can speak to your values and make educated decisions based on your preferences. 

Each vendor you work with is going to make sure that their offering is the most important thing in your wedding. That’s great though! We want to work with vendors who are excited about what they do and take pride in having the most amazing cake / music / beer donkeys at your wedding! 

Where we differ as your planner is we know the big picture goals for you and we will help to carry them out. That means that throughout the wedding planning process and most definitely on the wedding day, we will advocate for your values and needs to make sure that everything follows that you have in mind. For example, if you’re an introvert and need a break between some of the activities to recharge your batteries, we will plan that into the timeline and when the DJ is concerned about the interruption to the flow, we will let them know the why behind that decision and how it’s a needed exception to the typical “going right into the next thing.”  

3. Wedding planners recommend vendors for a reason

We recommend vendors that are the best fit for you! No kickbacks, no alternative reasons – but because we know they can deliver an amazing experience and are rock solid in their customer service, and delivery! 

Beyond that, we recommend vendors who make your job easier! We want to make sure that our vendor partners are not adding any stress to the planning process – they should be taking things off your plate instead of adding to it. 

4. We value communication

You’ve hired an experienced planner – great! LEVERAGE OUR EXPERIENCE. I can’t tell you how many times in our wedding day management package that we have clients tell us that they struggled with something or other in the logistics of planning. Let us help! We have probably done that or something similar and can help bring some light to things that may be difficult to think about or are only noticeable if you’re behind the scenes. IE – want a second bar in your cocktail area – be sure to double-check the number of bartenders you have along with ordering doubles of key ingredients so you can serve those drinks at both bars. You may only need one bottle of bitters for your guest count to last you through the whole night but if you have two bars, you need one at each so you can make those delicious cocktails. 

Please come to us before you’re in a pinch and allow us to help you through your experience or provide some quick feedback that could save you hours of heartache.

So, who is Bride’s Best Friend?

At Bride’s Best Friend, we strive to inspire our clients to have confidence in the day, stop worrying about the menage of details, and focus on being present in one of the biggest moments of their lives.

Details and logistics are our love language – we’ve been doing this a long time, we can spot a potential breakdown before you even know there’s going to be an issue. Then we help to fix it. This is why we start by learning about your priorities so we can make great recommendations and keep your wedding culture intact so your wedding is every bit of the experience you want it to be.

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