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Why You May Be A Destination Bride

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We have been traveling a lot lately. We’ve been all over the country (and even in Japan!) photographing weddings and engagement sessions. Some of these weddings have been destination weddings for our couples. And we’re here for it! If you want to travel to have the exact look and feel of the wedding of your dreams, we say go for it! Today we are sharing why you may be a destination bride.

It’s important to recognize what you love and envision your wedding day to be like. Every bride is different and has their own preferences for their wedding day. Grooms do too! While it may seem like wedding are one-size-fits-all, they aren’t. Some couples thrive during the wedding planning process. In fact, we’ve had a couple of brides proudly showing us their color-coordinated/ alphabetized wedding planning binder. We’ve also witnessed some brides and grooms getting completely overwhelmed with the whole process. We could tell they aren’t having a good time and that they were only having a big wedding to appease their parents. It’s understandable that you want to honor your parents’ wishes (especially if they are helping finance the day). But we also believe that a bride and groom’s wedding day should reflect who they are and what they want.

If the thought of a traditional wedding with everyone present isn’t everything you wish for, you may cut out for a destination wedding! On the flip side, you may want all of your family and friends to celebrate with you on your wedding day. If so, then a destination wedding might not be the right fit for you.

So how do you know if a destination wedding is right for you? Here are five characteristics that we find many destination couples have in common.

5 Reasons why you may be a destination bride

1. You have a small, tight-knit circle of friends

As you start putting together your guest list, you come to realize that most of the people in your life are casual friends and peers. You may enjoy yourself (and your wedding) way more if you get away with just your BEST friends and closest family. Imagine being in your own paradise with just those you love the most!

2. You don’t like big groups

We’re not all extroverts and love to be surrounded by a lot of people. Are you are intimidated or do you just get tired by the idea of a large social setting? Does the thought of a ton of eyes all on you make you nervous? Imagine a beautiful, secluded place to exchange your vows with just your favorite people in attendance.

3. You really want epic portraits

We have found that many destination couples want an intimate ceremony and also want epic portraits of their adventure! I mean, you’re probably envisioning a beautiful location if you are wanting to get married in a foreign country or long-distance location. Those impressive portraits help you memorialize your epic adventure. Plus, they are great for showing to your friends and family who weren’t there.

4. You value experiences more than details

Creating an amazing experience for your family and friends might be your top priority. You want to share your adventure with your closest loved ones. Destination weddings can provide a much more fun experience than just one fun day filled with cake and dancing.

5. You want things simple and don’t want to make a lot of decisions

Wedding planning usually entails A LOT of decision making. You have to figure out seating assignments, pick out linens, florals, and on and on. Wedding planners can be a huge help with the whole planning process. But if you still have to make the final decisions. If you are overwhelmed by that idea or just don’t want to deal with that, you don’t have too! Destination weddings are great for couples who want to keep things simple and minimize decision making. Destination weddings often have limited options. Imagine a simple wedding (that didn’t take too much brain space for you to plan) that is in a breathtaking location!

After reading this post on why you may be a destination bride, you may decide that you really want a destination wedding. One or more of these points ring true to you, but long-distance travel might not be in the budget for you. That’s ok! You may want to consider a small, intimate wedding local to you. Intimate weddings can be beautiful and so special too!

While you are deciding what kind of wedding you want, read this post on how to plan your engagement session.

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