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Why You May Want A Destination Engagement Session

Destination engagement session in Kyoto, Japan

Destination engagement sessions are becoming much more common. They used to be perceived as only being for the wealthy, but that’s no longer the case. Many photographers love to travel and will book sessions while they are traveling. Couples are taking advantage of their favorite photographer being a location that they love. And they are choosing to fly themselves out to have a destination engagement photoshoot/vacation. Have you thought about traveling somewhere for your engagement photos? Today we are talking about why you may want a destination engagement session.

5 Reasons You May Want to Book a Destination Engagement Session

1. Just Because

Honestly, do you really need a reason? Do you love adventure and travel? Have a favorite location? Or have you always dreamed of going somewhere and getting beautiful photos taken with your future spouse? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we believe that’s reason enough to want to book a destination engagement session.

2. Instead of a Destination Wedding

Do you really want a destination wedding, but it’s just not in your budget? The perfect compromise could be to have a destination engagement session instead. This way you can still satisfy your wanderlust, celebrate your union in your favorite location, and have a wedding closer to home.

3. You don’t have emotional ties to your current city

Maybe you just moved to a new city. Or maybe you really just don’t feel sentimental to your area. If not, then why not go somewhere exciting and special? Let your engagement session be a trip to remember!

4. To honor a cherished place

Maybe you do have emotional ties to a place, it’s just not where you currently reside. Perhaps you grew up somewhere else or you went somewhere together that is really special. You can book an engagement session there to commemorate and honor that place.

5. You’re already planning a trip

This reason is a really good one and it won’t even be an additional trip for you (win win!). If you are already planning a trip somewhere awesome, why not go ahead and book your engagement session while you’re there?

While we’re on the topic of engagement sessions, head over and read our post on how to plan your engagement session.

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