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Why You Need a “Person” On Your Wedding Day

Why you need a "person" on your wedding dayWedding days are hectic. There is so many elements to juggle. And there are bound to be things that have been forgotten or last minute little tasks that pop up. Today we want to talk about why you need a “person” on your wedding day. This person is your right hand lady, the one you can count on. Someone who’s not in your wedding party (or your coordinator) that can run little errands for you.

Every bride needs a trusted person on their wedding day. As you decide who you want to be your “person”, consider those in your life with some key characteristics. You may need to call on and ask for a favor from this person on the day of your wedding. Consider someone who is responsible, reliable, and available. She should be ready and willing to run errands, pick up the slack and help with whatever needs to be done. Your stress load will be greately lowered by having her, trust us!

You may think that your planner or coordinator can be your person. But, even if you have one (or both) for your wedding day, we still highly recommend designating someone as your go-to person. Your planner/coordinator is there to make your day run smoothly. He/she will be busy overseeing the going-on throughout the day and puting out all of the little behind-the-scenes fires (some you may not even know about). For this reason, having your own “person” is going to really be helpful in case of a wedding day emergency.

Scenarios in ways your “person” can help save the day

• Imagine that your dad is almost at the venue for the Daddy/Daughter first look. But he forgot his tie. If he goes back home to get it, you will miss out on the first look. Or he won’t have his tie for the wedding. Having a “person” predesignated who can go and get the tie would eleviate any of the stress that this situation could cause.

• Imagine that your garter was accidently left at the hotel. You mom had to rush back to go get it. But as a result, she missed all of your bridesmaids praying with you before the ceremony. Your mom wouldn’t miss this special moment if you had an assigned “person” who could go make that run back to the hotel instead.

• Imagine that you ran out of body-tape to keep the bridesmaids dresses up and one of your bridesmaids had to leave to buy some more. Because she was away, she missed being in the getting ready photos. Your “person” would allow all of your bridal party to stay and be involved in all of the wedding day festivities while she makes errand runs like this.

Photographer tip:

Assign a “person” at least two weeks before your wedding day. Make sure that you add getting a photo with your “person” on your must-have photo list that you give your photographer.

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