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Why You Should Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

Why hire a professional wedding photographer

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. Costs start racking up really quickly. As you’re contacting wedding vendors you might even be reeling from sticker shock. Are you starting to wonder if you could DIY some aspects of your wedding? We understand that DIY areas of weddings are great to help stick to a budget. That being said, wedding photography should NOT be something that you DIY. Trust us! Today we are talking about why you should hire a professional wedding photographer.

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

1. They’ll make sure you look amazing in photos

You and your groom are going to look and feel your best on your wedding day. A professional wedding photographer will make sure that all of that amazingness translates into your photos. It’s not just about snapping a photo. To look as amazing in your photos as you do in person requires skill. It takes knowing about all the most flattering lighting, poses, angles and more.

2. They’ll make everyone comfortable in front of the camera

This point is a big deal! How you feel while your photos are being taken is going to end up reflecting in how you feel about your photos. No matter how technically amazing a photo is, if you felt awkward while it was being taken, you are likely going to think you look awkward when you see the photo. For your wedding photos (maybe more than any other time) you want to feel relaxed and confident.

A good, professional photographer is going to know exactly how to make you feel like a million bucks. You may even end up having so much fun that you forget that you were ever nervous about taking your portraits! Not only will they make you feel great, they’ll know just how to make everyone else comfortable too. You’ll be so glad that your photographer was able to elicit natural smiles from your closest family and friends. From your self-conscious mom, to your shy ring bearer, to your over-it groomsman. A professional photographer will help set the tone and capture the perfect emotions.

3. They’ll capture all those special moments you don’t want missed

Wedding photographers shoot weddings for a living. While you may have some personalized/unique moments in your wedding, for the most part weddings are quite similar. A professional wedding photographer will know exactly when things will be happening and be there to capture all of those special moments.

4. They’ll reinforce the wedding day timeline

An organized photographer is going to make sure that your wedding runs on schedule. In fact, they will want to work with you and/or your wedding planner to finalize your wedding day timeline to ensure that enough time is allocated for all the photos. Your wedding photographer will then be very familiar with the timeline (likely even having one on hand) and will keep the day on track. Why? Because in order to get all of the photos you want in a timely manner, the day needs to run smoothly and on time.

5. They’ll make sure your wedding looks amazing in photos

One thing you never want to say about your wedding photos is that the photos don’t do your wedding justice. Another really big reason why you need a professional wedding photographer is so that your wedding day is captured beautifully. They will know how to tell your special day’s story in picture form. This includes photographing all the special details in addition to the events and people in attendance. Again, knowledge of lighting, styling, and angles are going to be what elevates your images.

6. They’ll be unobtrusive

Hearing couples say that they barely noticed us at their wedding is one of the best compliments we receive. An experienced wedding photographer is going to know how to be unobtrusive. This means that there won’t be flashes or cameras in your face. A professional is going to have a variety of lenses in use so that he or she is able to capture incredible shots from different distances.

7. They’ll cover up the flaws

No matter how hard you try to look flawless all day long, you might end up with one or two smudges. You don’t need to worry about that water spill on your best man’s shirt or that foundation smudge that your grandma accidentally left on your dress. A professional photographer will be able to work some magic in the editing room to make sure your photos are frame-worthy. You may not even notice that any corrections even needed to be done in the first place. That’s the mark of a great photographer and one of the many reasons your should make the investment to hire a professional.

8. They can help you create a wedding album

With a professional photographer taking your wedding photos, you are going to have more frame-worthy photos than you’ll be able to hang on your wall. The saddest thing we can think of happening to your wedding photos is that they just end up living on your computer instead of being on display in your home. A professional photographer is going to be able to help you get the best quality prints at any size that you want. They may even be able to design a wedding album for you.

There you have it. Eight reasons why you should hire a professional wedding photographer. With all of the energy, time, and money that you will put into your wedding day, you want to make sure that the photos fully do your special day justice.

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