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Why You Should Take Engagement Photos

why you should take engagement photos

We are entering engagement season again. As couples begin getting engaged there will be so much to start thinking about. First, you will want to celebrate with all your loved ones. After that, it’s time to start looking towards making wedding plans. With all of those plans, you may be wondering if engagement photos are necessary or even still trendy. Today we want to share some reasons why you should take engagement photos.

5 Reasons You Should Take Engagement Photos

1. You’ll get to know your photographer a little better

Your engagement session is a great time to get to know your wedding photographer a little better. You will get a chance to talk to him/ her and build a little report and trust. It can be palm sweat-inducing to be photographed anyway. Now add to the fact that the one behind the camera is a total stranger and you may start to get really nervous. By having an engagement session, you can get all of those nerves out before the big event. That way, on your wedding day, your photographer feels more like a friend (or at least a friendly acquaintance) than a total stranger.

2. You’ll get more comfortable in front of the camera

You are probably not a professional model. Being in front of the camera may not feel like second nature for you. That’s ok! It’s totally normal we promise. One of the main reasons we encourage our couples to take advantage of their complementary engagement session is to get comfortable having their photos taken.

At your engagement session, you will learn poses. You may also figure out what your preferred side to be photographed is (if you didn’t already know). All of this will make that short portrait time on your wedding day go so much smoother and you will end up with even more photos that you love.

3. You’ll get to commemorate this special moment in your life

You will only be in this engaged phase of your relationship one time. Your engagement photos will commemorate this time in your life. You will have those photos to look back and remember when you were young and in love. We definitely don’t think that engagement photos are cheesy. In fact, we really believe that every couple deserves to have beautiful, professional photos to look back on and cherish.

4. You’ll have beautiful photos for your announcements

Are you looking for a practical reason as to why you should take engagement photos? You will need photos during your planning process. If you have an engagement session, you will have professional images for your save-the-dates, wedding website, showers, engagement events, social media, and other uses.

5. You can express yourselves more creatively

We’re sure you will treasure your wedding photos. But even when photographers work hard to make sure that they capture true personality, wedding photos tend to be more traditional and formal. Your engagement photos are a fun way to more authentically reflect who you are as a couple. You can get creative with engagement session themes, include your beloved pets, go somewhere super adventurous, and so much more. You can be so much more creative with your location, clothes, and overall self-expression.

We hope that we have given you reason to consider why you should take engagement photos. To see some of the engagement sessions we have photographed, check out the engagement category on our blog.

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