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Why Your Invitation is Needed On Your Wedding Day

why your invitation is needed on your wedding dayThere is so much that you need to remember to bring on your wedding day. From your dress to all of your wedding details. As wedding photographers, we request that you put together a box of all your wedding day details. That includes your invitation. Your details box helps us ensure that we are photographing all of those important little aspects that you are incorporating in your day. While many brides are good about getting their details together to be photographed, the invitation suite is often still forgotten. Today we want to talk about why your wedding invitation is needed on your wedding day.

Every bride has things that are really important to them and other things that they don’t care as much about. The flowers and the jewelry were really important to me for our wedding. For other brides, the dress or cake may be a big deal. While others are all about beautiful invitation suites with calligraphy or water painted.

You probably already had plans to make sure your wedding invitation suite will get photographed if it is really important and special to you. But even if you aren’t completely in love with it, we are here to say that you should be sure to bring your wedding invitation.

Why your wedding invitation is needed on your wedding day.

The reason we say this is from a photography standpoint. Your wedding invitation plays a big role in the detail shots. You may think that you don’t need a photo of your invitations. We understand that, but we don’t need your invitation to document just that. Your wedding invitation is used as a “connecting element” in your detail photos. Even if it’s not in a photo on its own, we use your invitation with your other details. The wedding invitation serves as a way for us to tie your wedding details together. It also helps us as we piece together your gallery and blog. 🙂

So even though you may not put much importance on your wedding invitations. We encourage you to make sure that you keep a pristine copy of your wedding invitation suite to add to your details box on your wedding day.

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