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Your Bridal Suite Must-Haves

As wedding photographers we have spent our fare share of time in bridal suites. One important point that we point out to all of our brides is that there is only so much magic we can work when it comes to a bad bridal suite. Today we are sharing your bridal suite must-haves if you really want beautiful, bright getting ready photos.

bridal suite must-haves

6 Bridal-Suite Must Haves For Those Perfect Getting Ready Photos

1. A lot of natural light

A great source of natural light is crucial to achieving those beautiful light images. Getting ready in a space that has plenty of windows, is definitely a bridal suite must-haves. We believe that at least two windows (or at least one really big window) is necessary for the light to be ideal.

So what if your venue’s bridal suite doesn’t have windows? We suggest getting ready somewhere else! Choose instead a hotel room with light, neutral colored walls and carpets. When you are booking your hotel room, be sure to request a suite that has at least two windows. Or better yet, a corner room.

2. A full length mirror

Your venue’s bridal suite will hopefully already have a full-length mirror. But if not, arrange to have one on your wedding day. You will definitely want to be able to have a head-to-toe look of yourself before you leave the suite for photos.

3. A designated space for personal items

You don’t want clutter in your getting ready photos. Professional photographers know this and will often clean space up before taking photos. If we didn’t have to clean up shoes, makeup, clothes, food (and SO much more stuff), we would have even more time for taking beautiful detail and getting ready photos.

You can make things easier for your photographers/videographers and to make sure all your photos have clutter-free backgrounds. Before all your ladies settle in to get ready when they arrive in the suite, designate a space that they can keep their belongings. Ask them to keep all their things in that designated space. Preferably designate a closet or corner that is far away from any pretty space and windows. Food and drinks should also stay in designated spaces.

4. A fabric steamer

You definitely don’t want wrinkled gowns in your photos! And the morning of your wedding day is not the time to try out the steamy shower trick. Make sure to arrange for someone to bring a fabric steamer to your bridal suite. Enlist one of your bridesmaids or a family member to steam your gown as well as all of the bridesmaids’ gowns.

5. Snacks and water

It’s easy to forget to eat on the morning of your wedding. But staying hydrated and eating properly is important! If you are up for a full breakfast or lunch great! If you won’t be able to stomach it, at least munch on some snacks or drink a protein shake before the ceremony.

Trust me (Bethany), you don’t want to go through your wedding day on an empty stomach. I made that mistake at my own wedding over ten years ago. I remember waiting on my dad’s arm to walk down the aisle with my stomach growling (smh). While you may think that you’ll be fine until your reception, let me be your voice of reason. While your guests enjoy the cocktail hour, you will be pulled aside for portraits. Family portraits can be frustrating/crazy enough without being hangry too. And don’t forget to drink water! This is especially true if you are drinking coffee or alcohol. You will feel better and your skin will look better for it too!

6. Music and champagne

Music is another bridal suite must-haves. It will really help to set the mood as you get ready! Maybe you want tranquil spa music to keep you feeling relaxed. Or maybe you want a fun playlist to get you and your girls pumped up. Create a playlist before your wedding day (or enlist your bridesmaids to handle the music). Don’t forget to bring a small speaker so that the music can be heard throughout the bridal suite and everyone can enjoy it.

We also recommend bringing a bottle or two of your favorite champagne. You can get some really cute photos of you and your bridesmaids enjoying a champagne toast. In fact, that is one of our most requested getting ready photos!

While it is fun and can help loosen you up, please enjoy it responsibly as you (and your bridesmaids) do not want to be drunk at the start of your day!

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